Food Hygiene

Control of Infection (REHIS) training courses

Elementary Infection and Prevention and Control Course (6 hours)

This REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland) Infection Control course from Glasgow Clyde College covers the principles of effective infection control. Childminders, nursery staff; care workers, hospital staff and beauty and holistic therapists would benefit from completing this course.


  • micro-organisms and other causes of infection
  • standard infection control precautions 
  • prevention of occupational exposure to infection 
  • risk factors 
  • hand hygiene 
  • personal protective equipment 
  • safe disposal of waste, clinical waste and sharps 
  • barriers to effective infection control 
  • health and safety legislation and its implications. 

Elementary Cleaning and Disinfection Course (4.5 hours)

The course will be of benefit to anyone who is looking to get into the Cleaning industry (it will cover some Induction essentials) – It should be suitable for cleaners in a wide range of working situations – e.g. kitchens, hospitals, care homes etc.

Course Content

  • Reasons and Benefits for cleaning
  • Disadvantages and Costs of poor Cleaning and Disinfection
  • FACTs about Disinfectants
  • WHAT to disinfect
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • What is C.O.S.H.H.
  • What are the Risks
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Systematic Cleaning
  • Prevent Contamination and Cross Contamination

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