Food and Health

Food and Health (REHIS) training courses

Elementary Cooking Skills Course (6 hours, £60pp)

The course is suitable for those with little or no cooking experience. It is flexible and can be tailored to a wide range of audiences, from those with an interest in food, or considering entering catering training, to those learning to live independently for the first time. It can be adapted to a range of settings or circumstances, from operating over many weeks for one or two people as part of a wider programme, to a stand-alone six-hour course for several people. In addition, it can be adjusted for a range of dietary requirements such as halal, vegetarian or gluten-free.

Elementary Food and Health (6 hours, £60pp)

This REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute Scotland) Elementary Food and Health course from Glasgow Clyde College provides valuable information on food and nutrition for anyone involved in making basic food choices or decisions for patients or customers.

It explores the relationship between the food and health and the consequences of eating habits on health. Participants will learn the importance of things like macronutrients, fluid intake and energy requirements.


  • eating for health 
  • barriers to eating a healthy diet 
  • the consequences of eating habits on health 
  • the role of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre 
  • the implications of fluid and alcohol intake 
  • the role of minerals and trace elements 
  • energy balance and its influence on body weight 
  • individual specific energy and nutritional needs 
  • influence of gender and age on energy balance 
  • life circumstances effects on dietary habits 
  • ‘Eating for Health’ plate model 
  • methods of preparing and cooking healthy meals 
  • nutritional information on a food labels 
  • food and psychological well-being, social relationships and self-esteem 
  • the role of food in allergies, cancer, coronary heart disease and osteoporosis. 

Elementary Food and Health Course for Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability (9 hours, £75pp)

This Course is aimed at people who care for adults with a learning disability. It is based on the existing REHIS Food and Health Course but the course resources have been tailored to meet the needs of these important people. 

Introduction to Food and Health (3 hours, £30pp)

The REHIS Introduction to Food and Health is a 3 hour non-examined course that aims to provide participants with a basic knowledge and understanding of healthy eating, nutrition and health.

Eating Well for Older People (awaiting REHIS approval winter 2017)


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